New South Wales Waratah

Telopea speciosissima, commonly known as the New South Wales Waratah or simply Waratah, is a large shrub in the plant family Proteaceae. It is endemic to New South Wales in Australia and is the floral emblem of that state.

Now blooming at the Brissago Islands, the Botanic garden of Canton Ticino!

Locarno Camellia

Camellias are spring’s ambassadors. Locarno welcomes the new season with a celebration dedicated to these beautiful flowers. “Locarno Camellia” is considered one of the most important events in its genre, second only to the Japanese exhibitions of camellias.

Combined Ticket valid from 2 to 6 April 2014
Locarno Camelie – Brissago Islands
Special offer CHF 32.00 per person (instead of CHF 54.60):
Entry to the 17th International Camellia Exhibition
Day ticket for the boat services NLM
Entry Brissago Islands


Mediterranean flowers

“The Mediterranean climate is characterized by the coincidence of warm and dry conditions in summer as well as by moderately low temperatures in winter. The low temperatures and the low light levels limit plant activity in winter while drought imposes limits in summer. The summer drought splits the warm season favorable to plant activity into two parts, spring and autumn.” (Estiarte et al., Int J Biometeorol (2011) 55:855–865)

At this time in our garden the mediterranean plants hit their blooming peak: to see areCanary Islands’ Giant Burgloss (Echium), Rock Roses, Lavender, Spurges and Brooms and many others.

Spring and Camellia

Visit our collection of camellias, blooming at this time.

(Italiano) California: bioma mediterraneo

(Italiano) Australia: bioma mediterraneo

(Italiano) Sud Africa: bioma mediterraneo

(Italiano) Cile: bioma mediterraneo

(Italiano) Il bacino mediterraneo

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