Pictures of the Week

Scavenger hunt!

Are you dreaming of exploring an Island? Go on a treasure hunt following the trails of the pirates to mysterious places with unusual plants on the Islands of Brissago.

Ask for the map at the entrance and follow the clues. Set off on an adventure!

Mediterranean flowers

“The Mediterranean climate is characterized by the coincidence of warm and dry conditions in summer as well as by moderately low temperatures in winter. The low temperatures and the low light levels limit plant activity in winter while drought imposes limits in summer. The summer drought splits the warm season favorable to plant activity into two parts, spring and autumn.” (Estiarte et al., Int J Biometeorol (2011) 55:855–865)

At this time in our garden the mediterranean plants hit their blooming peak: to see areCanary Islands’ Giant Burgloss (Echium), Rock Roses, Lavender, Spurges and Brooms and many others.

Cucurbitaceae – Cucurbit family

Cucurbitaceae is a medium plant family (120 genera, 775 species), also known as gourd family, which includes crops like cucumbers, squashes, pumpkins, luffas, melons and watermelons. The family is predominantly distributed around the tropics, where those with edible fruits were amongst the earliest cultivated plants in both the Old and New Worlds.

Our garden display the Cucurbit family in a variety of forms.

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